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Knitting pattern

Узор спицами

Вязание спицами и крючком: схемы и описания платьев, пуловеров,джемперов. Уроки вязания спицами и крючком. Рукоделие для дома. Вязание для детей.

手工男童背心马甲 好酷 - 米虫的蜗居 - 米虫的蜗居

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Ravelry: Project Gallery for Griffin pattern by Georgie Hallam


Crochet griffin when finished is more or less 32 cm (12.6 inches) from the front paws to the end of tail. The griffin is a creature with the back of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle - I know eagles don’t have ears like that :) I just couldn’t resist making those floppy ears for him. If you want you can skip them, he will be cute anyway :)

Kafijas krūze: Adījumi mazuļiem (knitting for babies)

Adījumi mazuļiem (knitting for babies)

Ziema tuvojas lieliem soļiem. Intensīvi jāsāk domāt, par to, lai mūsu mazākie cilvēciņi aukstajā laikā justos silti, komfortabli un arī skai...