Lemon tree from seed

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25 Fruits and Veggies You Can Grow in Buckets

Not only is bucket gardening a great solution for people with limited space, it has many advantages over traditional gardening.

17 Vegetables that You Can Grow in Pots and Containers

If you'd love to cultivate fresh vegetables at home, but don't have a large yard, you can start container vegetable gardening with these 17 vegetable plants that can be grown in containers and pots.

Why Your Tomatoes Are Splitting & How To Stop It

Tomatoes splitting on the vine is a very common tomato problem. But don’t worry once you know what causes it you can stop tomatoes splitting open!

How to Grow Jalapenos in your Backyard Garden

Growing jalapeno peppers isn't hard if you know how to do it. Here is the info from seed starting, to transplanting and care after they are in the ground.

Growing Tomatoes - 7 Simple Secrets To Grow Your Best Crop Ever!

When it comes to growing tomatoes in the garden, a few simple secrets can make all the difference. learn how to grow a bumber crop this year!

How To Grow Buckets Full Of Bell Peppers + Health Benefits & Recipes

There is nothing more beautiful than a basket full of homegrown bell peppers. I have been growing bell peppers for the last twenty years and have never been disappointed. There are many reasons to love bell peppers. They are really easy to grow, loaded with nutritional value and taste amazing raw and cooked.

Tomato Plants: How to Prune for a High Yield ~ Bless My Weeds

Prune your tomato plants for a high yield. Easy-to-follow steps to prune your tomato plants efficiently! Step-by-step process to ensure your highest possible yield this growing season.

How to Grow an Avocado Tree in a Small Pot at Home - Organic Gardening

Avocados are considered one of the healthiest and tastiest fruits on the planet. Its rich, creamy inside is filled with nutrition and flavor and growing your own avocados is a fun adventure for the gardener. Avocado (Persea americana) is a native fruiting tree of Mexico and Central America. Avocado fruit varies in weight from 4 …

How To Grow An Endless Supply Of Garlic At Home

Garlic is arguably one of the world’s most versatile and healthiest foods. While you can use garlic to add some serious flavor to any dish, garlic also has quite the long list of health benefits as well. That’s why we’re here to break down how you can benefit from these major remedies and how you...

How to Grow Ginger Indoors

Did you know you can grow ginger indoors all year long Or that you can use part of the root it will continue to grow Learn all about growing ginger here!

Tomato Problems: What’s Wrong With My Tomato?

The most frustrating part of tomato growing is dealing with tomato problems. It’s so irritating to wait all year for your homegrown tomatoes only to have them ruined by disease, pests, or rotten spots. This article aims to help you identify and address issues that affect the tomato fruit. A companion article covers tomato leaf ... Read More about Tomato Problems: What’s Wrong With My Tomato?

5 Best Container Vegetables for Beginning Gardeners

Container vegetables are perfect for beginning gardeners! Learn the 5 best vegetables to grow in containers, best varieties, planting instructions, and more.


Top Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Are you wanting to start a container garden and are wondering about growing tomates in pots? Find out the top tips for growing tomatoes in containers.

Seed Starting 101: Everything You Need to Know to Sow & Beyond! ~ Homestead and Chill

Everything you need to know for starting seeds indoors - supplies, timing, and step-by-step instructions - from sowing seeds to caring for young seedlings!

Fast growing vegetables

Fast growing vegetables. 16 fruits and vegetables that will be ready to harvest within 2 months. Gardening doesn't have to take all season! These veggies and fruits produce very quickly.

Toilet Paper Tube Seedling Pots

A great way to recycle toilet paper tubes is to use them as containers to start vegetable and flower seeds for garden plants. This is a guide about toilet paper tube seedling pots.