Gabriel Omar Batistuta (Reconquista, 1 February 1969) – He had only one objective: winning. And at Roma he became a champion. The Argentine striker was signed in the summer of 2000 by Franco Sensi for a transfer fee of 70 billion lire, after 9 seasons at Fiorentina.

Gabriel Omar Batistuta (Reconquista, 1 February – He had only one…

Gabriel Omar Batistuta.

Gabriel Omar Batistuta.

Gabriel Omar BATISTUTA (2003)

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With his renowned sand-blast finishing and devastating headers, he was quite lethal for Fiorentina and Argentina during the

Gabriel Batistuta Painting - Gabriel Batistuta Fine Art Print

Realistic acrylic painting of the former professional footballer from Argentina Gabriel Batistuta by the Dutch painter Paul Meijering - The Original painting is 120 x 90 cm and in the possession of Gabriel Batistuta himself