Zbrush anatomy

Enhance your ZBrush skills by mastering anatomy. Learn essential tips and techniques to create realistic and detailed anatomical sculpts that bring your characters to life.
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Hi Everyone, Modeling and texture painting was done using zbrush.All the shading and lighting aspect was done in mantra.All the relief detail in the image are displacement. No bump :).Around twenty 8k color maps and displacement maps.For the body I used four 8k UDIMs. Thanks :) 472941472931472942472933472932472943


Anatomy Simplified is my next series of anatomy/drawing/sculpting, my next step into trying to understand the figurative art on a different level. This was the first round done a couple months ago. Hope it helps :) Join me in the #anatomyJourney Stay tuned for more info and make sure to follow me on http://instagram.com/glaucolonghi for more posts and news.

Sweet Freyja