Yoga anatomy

Explore the fascinating world of yoga anatomy and deepen your practice with essential tips and insights. Discover how the knowledge of yoga anatomy can enhance your poses and help you prevent injuries.
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I remember reading an article couple of years ago by a yoga teacher who observed that there’s a tendency for many teachers to give too much anatomical instruction in yoga classes. As expected, she got a lot of heat from other teachers who passionately commented that detailed anatomical instruction is absolutely necessary to avoid injury … Continued

Mandy Rubinoff

Hip opening yoga poses improve circulation, flexibility and range of movement in the hips, legs and back. They are also beneficial for improving posture, strengthening balance, reducing stress, and promoting mental health and overall wellness.On this Yoga Poses Printable/wall art I demonstrate the 12 most common and popular yoga poses that will help your hips flexibility and hip pain. Do these yoga poses daily or several times a week to strengthen your hips and enable better hips felxibility…

Jordan Danger