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https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cowellstudio/kensa-a-slim-minimal-hexagonal-pen-and-mechanical There are two sorts of people in the world. Traditionalists/purists, who love the classics, and Neophiles, who are excited by the groundbreaking and the innovative. Kensa is a writing instrument that's surprisingly for both. It innovates but stays true to its roots, being a modern interpretation of the classic hexagonal-bodied Biro ballpoint pen. Made

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Why are they often solid gold? And what is the difference between 14k, 18k, and 21k nibs? A fountain pen nib is the metal writing point at the end of the writing instrument. Virtually all quality fountain pens use solid gold nibs, both for their durability and for the smoothness of the writing experience they provide. Cheaper steel and gold-plated nibs, on the other hand, have

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Yusuf Mansoor – the grand-daddy of Indian Fountain Pen lovers picks his favourites The average pen lover who wants to possess an India pen is at a huge disadvantage. He / she does not know what to aim for, where to look for, or even how much to shell out continue reading

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