Wooden barrel

Discover creative ideas to incorporate wooden barrels into your home decor. From rustic planters to unique furniture pieces, explore the versatility of wooden barrels and add a touch of charm to your space.
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An oak barrel is the best container for making whiskey, bourbon, rum, calvados, brandy, tequila, wine, etc. An oak barrel will give your drink a special taste, color and aroma. Wooden barrels are made of high density solid oak, at least 80 years old. The barrel is made by hand, and medium roasting is used to process the barrel, which saturates the drink with a sweet taste and delicate aroma. External dimensions of the barrel without a tap, stand and cork • Diameter: 9.0 "(23 cm) • Length…

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FAITMAIZ offers exclusive pieces specialising in reusing old whisky, wine and rum barrels. The large BAR-REL™ drinks cabinet is my trademark piece, crafted from an authentic solid oak whisky, wine and Rum cask, lovingly refurbished and individually customised. These Bar-rels are unique, authentic and personalised, allowing you to own your own little piece of whisky, wine or rum history.

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