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A staple of the comic book superhero is the costume they wear either to differentiate themselves from their secret identity, or simply as a more practical means of engaging in combat. Clark Kent is known in popular culture for using a telephone booth to change into Superman, while The Flash stores his costume compacted into a tiny ring. Wonder Woman's method often uses a bit more flair. In the 1970s, Lynda Carter developed the most famous method of transformation for the Wonder Woman TV…

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Playhouse DC Comics Wonder Woman Die Cut Shaped Pocket Notebook for Kids ** Click on the photo for extra information. (This is an affiliate link). #wonderwomanfigurine Dc Comics, Marvel, Superman, Super Heroes Comics, Super Hero Day, Wonder Woman Shirt, Superhero Comic, Wonder Woman, Superhero Comics

Kids have so many reasons to jot down a note and here's the perfect little notebook to for all of those lists and doodles! Vibrant die cut notebook featuring officially licensed DC Comics artwork is just the right size for a jacket pocket or mini backpack Notebook features 48 double sided grid dot pages, ideal for both writing and drawing Side binding allows for a page to be cleanly removed - no messy edges like pages from spiral bound notebooks Notebook measures 5.5" high x 3.75" wide

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Diana of Themyscira is the Amazonian warrior princess of Themyscira. She is armed with a sword and the Lasso of Truth, a lariat that compels men to speak only the truth. She left Themyscira and found herself in Washington D.C. as a political envoy, as she adopts the civilian identity of Diana Prince and becomes the superheroine known as Wonder Woman. Steve Trevor was assigned to serve as a liaison between the U.S. federal government and Diana. To be added Wonder Woman arrived in Washington…

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