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Best Motorcycle Pants for Women Guns

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The Litas is a global, all-female motorcycle group, empowering women to raise a little hell and RIDE. ALL WOMXN ARE WELCOME. COME RIDE WITH US.

Jenny Stony
Vintage Ducati 250 Girl Motorcycle Girl, Girls, Biker, Biker Girl, Fotos, Bikes Girl, Bikes Girls, Moto, Fotografie

1971 Kickass or badass—whatever you wanna call these tough biker ladies—here’s a selection of vintage photos of real-life motorcycle riding women. Anke Eve Goldmann, 1958 Ann-Margret rode a classic Triumph T100 Bessie Stringfield Some 70s Harley kickstarting action Cafe Racer Girl, 1960s. 1949 San Francisco Womens Motorcycle Unit, 1940 Dispatch Riders Beryl Swain, 1962 A woman on her BMW motorcycle, 1935 The Riverhill Riders Club, 1962 Repairing her motorbike, 1950 A reverend blesses the…