Women backpacking

Embark on your next adventure with confidence and style. Discover essential gear and expert tips for women backpacking, and explore the world on your own terms.
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From Sitting on the Couch to Solo Camping - My Step By Step Guide — Andrea Ference

My story of backcountry camping starts in the spring of 2014 with a guided trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I was hooked. I have dedicated my life since to spending as many days under the stars and out of my bedroom as possible. And admittedly have been extremely lucky in that I have never k

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Holy Grail Women's Hiking Gear!

I've tried a lot of hiking and camping gear over the years and there are some items I just keep coming back to. For me, a piece of gear gets the tick of approval if it does what it performs as advertised, lasts a long time, is lightweight and easy to pack, and is comfortable. I also try to purchase from brands that support sustainable practices and are doing good in the world. In this blog post I am sharing a round-up of my 2019 holy grail hiking and camping gear items... things I now…

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Top Ten Outdoor Gear Investments — Andrea Ference

Getting into the outdoors can be intimidating for any number of reasons (will I be eaten by a bear? how do you poop in the desert? is my biodegradable soap actually okay to use?) not the least of which is the hefty financial investment. After an almost decade of hiking, backpacking and general spend

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The Future Is Female: Women in Ultralight Backpacking - The Trek

“There seems to be a miscommunication, that UL just means driving up miles but what it can mean is including so many more people.” JPD began our conversation talking about conceptions of UL as exclusive and elitist—we both had several stories of our gender and gender expression being an issue in the wider outdoor community.

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