Winter art projects

Embrace the winter season with these fun and creative art projects. Explore a variety of ideas to keep you and your family entertained during the colder months.

Meet one of your new favorite art lessons for kids! Students will create a scarf selfie (or "scarfie") art project with a focus on line, shape and pattern all will using one of the most fun art techniques called scratch art. This lesson is perfect for elementary students of all ages and can be modified and adjusted with ease.

Jessie Back
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Explore the wonder of the Northern Lights this Winter with our How to Paint the Northern Lights tutorial - an easy art idea for kids of all ages! Complete with a printable step-by-step and templates.


Lesson Background: There are many winter fox art projects online such as this one I combined lots of ideas to create these foxes. This was a directed drawing lesson. Directed drawing (i.e. modelling step-by-step) elicits great discussions, exposing students to vocabulary they encounter in art and maths. Students are hearing and putting into action phrases such as “half way down the page”, “curved line”…

Carissa Brown