White landscape

Transform your outdoor space into a serene oasis with these stunning white landscape ideas. Discover how to create a peaceful and elegant ambiance using white elements in your garden or backyard.
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Michael Kenna’s serene black-and-white landscapes “hold a mirror to each viewer’s soul and conscience,” writes Ruth Bernhard of the Lancashire-born photographer (born: Widnes, 1953). “They invite us all to participate in his experience, closing the circle between print, photographer and onlooker.” In this gallery, we see Kenna’s atmospheric and pictorial photographs of Japan. Maya Ishiwata, … Continue reading "Michael Kenna: Japan Landscapes (2003-04)"

Black and White Photographs Capture the Striking Appearance of Bare Trees Against Snow-Filled Landscapes | Colossal Landscape Photography, Nature, Landscape Photography Tips, Nature Photography, Tree Photography, Black And White Landscape, Black And White Tree, Black And White Photographs, Landscape Photos

Swiss photographer Pierre Pellegrini is drawn to remote landscapes dotted by tree groves, snow-topped piers, and structures that have fallen into a state of disarray. Long exposure photographs force Pellegrini to sit quietly with these scenes, meditatively taking in the high contrast landscape as his camera processes the deep blacks and brilliant whites that emerge in the dead of winter. “I simply photograph what I feel, and am always looking for moments and situations where everything is in…

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