Wheaten terrier

Discover adorable pictures of wheaten terriers and get helpful tips for owning and caring for these lovable dogs. Find out everything you need to know about this charming breed.
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When choosing the ideal dog for your porch, several factors need to be considered. If your priority is a calm and cozy companion to snuggle with, you’re at the right destination. The Fun Sized Japanese Chin These types of dogs are compact in size, making them easy to manage. Additionally, they are recognized for their amicable nature and love to be around people. They are even referred to as “Velcro dogs” due to their tendency to stick closely to their owners around the house. Bolognese, But…

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Let’s get one thing straight right out of the gate: every dog is an awesome dog, no matter the breed, the pedigree, or the way it looks. Some people might like giant fluffy dogs, others prefer tiny lap dogs, but the truth is we are all just happy to have a canine friend by our side. Also, all known breeds were created by mixing different existing breeds, so technically, all dogs are mixed breed dogs.

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Have you ever dreamed of your favorite teddy bear coming alive to be your best friend and snuggle buddy? No, I'm not talking about the movie TED. I'm talking about The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier! The lively, spunky breed is hands-down the fluffiest, funniest, coolest in the world. I think this is a case where it's better to show than to tell! Below are 5 of the most lovable Wheaten Terriers on Instagram! Follow them yourself, and maybe, just maybe, you'll run into one in real life! Have…

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