Weird bookshelves

Discover the most weird and wonderful bookshelves to showcase your literary collection. Get inspired by these creative and unconventional designs to bring a unique charm to your home.
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Last week we wrote about the benefits of hiring a closet and storage solution company to help optimize your space, create functional and beautifully designed storage solutions and de-clutter your home. We found some designers who have created incredibly unique and at times stunning storage solutions for those looking for something for something really creative. […]

Maxine Ealey
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Traditional "Interactive Geometric Bookshelf Brings Design to the Crowd" by Nathan Hurst January 14th, 2013 Wired If you’ve got a stack of old geometry textbooks lying around, Alan Rorie’s bookshelf is the perfect home for them. The artist and neurobiologist’s Kickstarter offers the opportunity to design your own bookshelf based on the clever Voronoi pattern method of subdividing space into polyhedrons. The Voronoi pattern has been around for hundreds of years (more, if you count natural…

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