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Discover the endless possibilities of weaving machine art. Enhance your weaving skills and create unique and beautiful pieces with these top ideas for weaving machine projects.
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A loom is a machine used to weave cloth. Weaving is one of the oldest crafts in the world. Hundreds of years ago people used to make all their clothes at home. They grew special plants and animals, made yarn, wove cloth and sewed clothing. Nowadays almost all kinds of fabric are made industrially. But even today some people continue their grandmother's work and weave cloth with a help of small wooden looms. It is really interesting to compare several different looms. They may have diverse…

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Model steam engines are every boys dream toy. Big boys like them also and those who are craftsmen can build model steam engines in the workshop. There are a few engines which can be built without the use of a metal turning lathe. However the better more advanced engines require that you have lathe capabilities. You can start by building a very simple model just for the experience. You will get a real thrill when you see it running. Then graduate to a more advanced model which will have more…

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At Auda Sinda, we have years of experience working directly with designers and homeowners on custom projects. Often starting with a favorite pattern, we develop new color options and offer design recommendations to create the perfect rug. We can also develop custom patterns and more complex solutions, for example weaving L shapes for stair landings and seaming on borders with mitered corners.

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