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Mountain Top EVOm & EVOe roller shutters are now available for the new 2023 VW Amarok! 😉 We will be adding many more new Amarok upgrades in the coming week/s including canopies, tow bars, seat covers, floor mats & more. #vw #vwclub #vwamarok #vwamarok2022 #vwamarok2023 #volkswagen #volkswagenclub #volkswagenamarok #volkswagenamarok2022 #volkswagenamarokv6 #volkswagenamarok2023 #volkswagenamarokaventura #newamarok #amarok #amarok2023 #amarok2022 #amarokclub #amarokv6panamericana #amarokv6

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On behalf of the Swiss company Black Sheep Innovations and based on the information and data known so far, I had the pleasure of creating a NEW VERSION of the VW Amarok, which will be released in 2022.Black Sheep manufactures high-quality add-on and conversion parts for the Amarok and other vehicles, which are also very popular in Australia. With the concept-drawing, CEO Thomas Grütter wanted to show how the company imagines the new model including superstructures and show its customers that…