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Orthodox Societies: HISTORY OF THE VIRGIN MARY'S FAST Blessed Mother Mary, Blessed Virgin Mary, Religious Art, Catholic Church, St Gemma Galgani, Thomas The Apostle, Virgin Mary Art, Virgin Mary Painting, Virgin Mary Statue

History Of The Virgin Mary's Fast The Fast of Virgin Mary, began by the famous story of Thomas the Apostle. After his return from a missionary in india, he asked the Apostles about Virgin Mary. They told him that she had died. He asked them to show him where they buried her. They went with him to the grave, but they found the tomb empty. Thomas the Apostle recounted that during his return, he saw the angels carrying the body of the Virgin Mary and that he took blessing of her holy body. In…

Diana Carrión
Full title: The Virgin in Prayer Artist: Sassoferrato Date made: 1640-50 Source: Contact: Copyright © The National Gallery, London Virgin Mary Painting, Virgin Mary Art, Madonna Art, National Gallery, Photocollage, Art Parody, Blessed Virgin Mary, Virgin Mary Praying, Arte Pop

A brief history of ultramarine. Michelangelo couldn’t afford ultramarine. His painting The Entombment, the story goes, was left unfinished as the result of his failure to procure the prized pigment. Rafael reserved ultramarine for his final coat, preferring for his base layers a common azurite; Vermeer was less parsimonious in his application and proceeded to […]

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