Vinyl scratch

Experience the magic of vinyl scratch music and take your DJ skills to the next level. Discover top tips, tricks, and equipment to create unforgettable beats and mix tracks like a pro.
My Little Pony, Art, Rainbow Dash, Vinyl, Notes, Pony, Swag Art, Rack, Spin

Vinyl puts on her shades and says, "Let's get this party started!" Like Zelda's neutral B (Nayru's Love), several musical notes appear and spin around Vinyl. It can rack up damage and reflect projectiles. When used in the air, Vinyl's descension is slightly slower. Vinyl shoots a musical note, dealing damage to the taker. This can be charged up to shoot more notes, increasing the damage done. As a unicorn, Vinyl knows a spell or two. This one allows her to teleport in a direction you choose…