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Classic & Vintage - Dealing With Tragedy: The Passing Of The Quill Stem - I think bicycles lost something important when the quill stem was replaced by the clamp-on "threadless" stem. No doubt there were reasons for it. Threadless steerers and clamp-on stems are lighter, apparently; they do make changing

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Note: Please see our more updated post for a proper tutorial. campagnolo nuovo record cm insertion panto When I make a post about polishing some component, I get at least a dozen emails from readers asking me to post a tutorial. Since it's easier to polish NOS or new components, I figured I'd take the harder route first; used components with wear and tear from use. Now while some people may have different methods, this has worked best for me. Keep in mind I don't have access to a bench wheel…

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Classic & Vintage - Help with Raleigh Competition restoration/clearcoat question - Hi, I am in need of advice. I have a 1973 Raleigh Competition that I have owned since new (leftover, bought it in 1975 from Turin Bikes in Evanston for $235). Well surface rust and aging parts moved me to disassemble the beast. My in