Vegetarian japanese food

Discover a variety of mouthwatering vegetarian Japanese recipes to satisfy your cravings. Explore traditional dishes with a modern twist and add a healthy touch to your Japanese culinary adventures.
A vibrant array of 15 Best Japanese Vegetarian Dishes, featuring top left: crispy gyoza with dipping sauce, top right: tofu stir-fry with green peppers, bottom left: cucumber sushi rolls, and bottom right: a colorful bowl of roasted kabocha squash with garnishes.

Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Japanese cuisine with our collection of vegetarian dishes. Learn how to make traditional favorites like Kenchin Jiru (Japanese Vegetable Soup) and contemporary creations like Teriyaki Tofu Donburi. These recipes are a celebration of Japan's long history of vegetarian cooking, offering a delicious way to enjoy the country's culinary heritage.

Debi Low
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This Japanese-Style Tofu Steak is inspired by teppanyaki that I love whenever I eat at Japanese restaurants. This tofu steak is seasoned with a sweet and savoury sauce with mirin, soy sauce and vegetarian oyster sauce.You get that ‘meaty’ bite from the pan-fried tofu that’s coated in the sauce that thickens as the sugars cook down and beautifully coats each piece. This tofu is also cooked with shiitake mushrooms for added texture and umami along with aromatics. This is best paired with a…

Gina Medrano
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Vegan Takoyaki Recipe - Have you ever considered you can enjoy in Vegan version of this Japanese Takoyaki recipe? I've always liked vegan takoyaki, and now I'm sharing how I've made this popular Japanese streetfood vegan! Vegan Takoyaki Recipe A traditional snack from Japan, takoyaki is a ball-shaped dumpling with a piece of octopus inside. The food is usually served with a takoyaki sauce, similar to a Worcestershire sauce, and mayonnaise, although some serve the dish with a different…

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A collage of 4 easy Japanese meals including teriyaki chicken donburi, yakisoba stir fried noodles, easy cucumber pickles with ginger and the ultimate tonkatsu pork cutlet. Bento, Easy Japanese Recipes, Healthy Japanese Recipes, Japanese Food Recipes, Easy Chinese Recipes, Japanese Food List, Japanese Side Dish, Japanese Food Bento, Japanese Meals

This list of 30 easy Japanese recipes is perfect for beginners who want to dip their toes in the world of Japanese cooking! There's no need to sacrifice flavor either, these simple recipes are delicious too! Whether you're looking for a simple side dish or a satisfying meal, this list has a dish for any occasion and plenty to choose from!

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BEST Vegetable Gyoza Recipe (Vegan/Vegetarian Japanese Dumplings) Dumpling, Protein, Vegan Recipes, Desserts, Vegetarian Gyoza, Vegan Vegetarian, Vegetarian, Veggies, Plant Based

Packed with veggies, mushrooms, and plant-based protein, these vegan Vegetable Gyoza are brimming with so much umami, even a meat-lover will gobble them up. This comprehensive guide to making these Japanese dumplings covers everything from a vegan/vegetarian friendly filling to folding the potstickers to cooking them and preparing gyoza sauce.