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OK guys, hang onto your hats, and prepare yourselves for the cheesiest list of food ideas ever (no pun intended...). Seriously, who would have thought you could make so many food items into hearts?! I know, I know, we normally seem to pair Valentine's Day and sweets together. Chocolate? Yum! Cookies? Yum! But don't forget about the healthier options too! I was planning to call this post 'Healthy Valentine's Day Food Ideas' but, well, then I saw the bacon... and the pizzas... and all the…

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Sometimes (a lot of times, actually) it's the simple things that are the best. Like these watermelon and strawberry fruit skewers! If you want to add even more fruit to them, put grapes in between the strawberries and watermelon. Serve as a quick kid-friendly snack or make a lot and put on a...

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