Used tea bags

Don't throw away your used tea bags! Discover creative ideas to reuse them in your daily life and reduce waste. From skincare to gardening, explore new ways to make the most out of your tea bags.
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I drink hot tea and I like lots of different flavors. I buy different brands, like Stash, Steep, or Twinings. Since I drink so much tea, it always pains me to throw out the used tea bags (I think “Oh no, the landfill”). But now I have a good way to use them, as a starting place for tea bag art. T

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For some of us, we cannot resist the taste of tea in the mornings or at nights, especially at certain times of the year, but what do we do with all those tea bags that seem so insignificant? Or are they really? Here Grapes and Splendor offers you more than 20 ways you could make

Deborah Gazafy
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New York-based artist Ruby Silvious reuses old tea bags as canvases. On 3 January 2015, Silvious embarked her project 363 Days of Tea. “I don’t plan ahead [what to paint],” she says. “I want to engage people and get them to reimagine discarded objects. I want them to look at tea bags in a different … Continue reading "363 Days Of Tea: Artist Paints Beautiful Pictures On Old Tea Bags"