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Step back in time with a classic Underwood typewriter. Discover the charm and nostalgia of typewriting with our collection of vintage Underwood typewriters. Start typing your own stories today!
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On This Day in Typewriter History: Underwood - Big Business, Big Tax (And Crooked Books)

PART 145 One will find many Google entries for the summary and outcome of the 1920 US Supreme Court case involving the Underwood Typewriter Company, of Hartford, Connecticut, and F.S.Chamberlain, Treasurer of the State of Connecticut. The case summary is only of interest to typewriter historians, I suppose, because of the figures it reveals in terms of the business Underwood was doing in 1915 – almost $1.34 million in profits! The case involves an appeal by Underwood against the level of tax…

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George William Campbell: Inventor of the Franklin No 9, Victor Nos 1-3 and the Underwood Four-Bank Portable Typewriter

CAMPBELL'S SOUP OF TYPEWRITERS This Underwood Four-Bank Portable Typewriter, serial number 466477, was made in 1930, the fifth year of production. It was designed in 1918 by George William Campbell. It's amazing how much one can find out about the history of a series of typewriters by simply digging under the career path of one man. That one man is GEORGE WILLIAM CAMPBELL, born to Scottish migrant parents in New York City on May 23, 1872. Campbell is the typewriter mechanical engineer and…

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