Underground greenhouse

Discover the benefits of underground greenhouses for year-round gardening and explore innovative ideas to create your own sustainable and productive garden space.
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Innovative farming techniques have been evolving rapidly to combat the challenges posed by climate change, land scarcity, and seasonal limitations. One such revolutionary approach gaining traction is the concept of underground greenhouses. By harnessing the natural insulation provided by the earth, these subterranean structures offer a sustainable solution to extending the growing season and ensuring ... Read more

Trena Sims
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The word Walipini, derived from the Aymaran language and an indigenous Bolivian tribe, is translated as “a place of warmth” and is an earth sheltered cold frame or transparent-roofed enclosure. This underground greenhouse was created for the cold regions of South America to maintain food production year round, but is now being adopted by gardeners […]

Lori Houser