Tuscan Kitchens

Transform your kitchen into a charming Tuscan retreat with these beautiful design ideas. Discover the warmth and elegance of Tuscan kitchens and create a space that exudes timeless beauty and rustic charm.
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HGTV breaks down the essential features of a Tuscan kitchen, from copper and iron accents to stone or terra cotta floors, matte countertops, mosaic tile, wood vent hoods and iron light fixtures and all the details that summon up a rich, timeless sense of the Italian countryside.

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Explore three stunning modern Mediterranean kitchen design ideas that will transform your cooking space into a warm and inviting oasis that will wow your guests.

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Here are some smart tricks that help you land a stone to match your kitchen decor. First of all, choose the stone that is on your budget to make you feel easier to narrow down your search of the stone that are within your price range. When the budget is okay, start deciding a stone that will look best in your kitchen to create a coordinated color scheme. Try to match the already available colors on walls, floors or cabinets as the starting point.

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