Tree study

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with these tree study ideas. Explore different techniques and subjects to create stunning artwork inspired by trees.
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The science center in my classroom is always a busy place. Students can observe, experiment, create, construct, classify, compare, and question. Students are natural-born scientists. They are curious and eager to explore the world and everything in it! As teachers, it is our job to nurture their scientific spirit and help students form questions, investigations, collect data, and share their conclusions. Make your science center amazing to enhance their experiences! Plus, I have a few…

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We have been learning all about trees this week! We started off by reading a book about oak trees. Then the lion cubs made a simple chart showing the life cycle of oak trees. We learned about the parts of a tree and I created a pictorial input chart while teaching the students. Then they drew and labeled the parts of a tree in their science journals. Next, we unscrambled a sentence about an acorn which included "little" which is one of the high frequency words that we learned this week. You…

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This week started out with another cool box creation! My neighbors brought me another box, and the cardboard corner pieces begged to become a ball track. We rolled ping pong balls (yes, I rolled some too,) whenever the box was available. I finally retired the bean box midweek, when all the beans were spread all over the floor. Twenty-one ping pong balls are easier to pick up than 3000 beans! One of the things I wanted to include this week was more science. We started learning about trees by…

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