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Explore a wide selection of unique and affordable tree shop ideas to enhance your home or garden. Find the perfect trees, plants, and accessories to create a beautiful and inviting outdoor space.
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​Lush foliage, tiny succulents, cacti and sansevieria galore. Walk into any one of these flower or plant shops and leave with a new friend or two. The charm lies in the unique selection of each beautiful storefront. All of these botanical boutiques will help fill your home with an abundance of greenery. After all, plants are our home's best friends. What better way to decorate and landscape than with the help of the world's horticulture artists? Plant enthusiasts beware: These 30 boutiques…

The Cold Pressed Juicery, Amsterdam - In order to keep the real tree alive, the architects created a big bucket in the basement with fertile soil and irrigation to allow the tree a healthy life. Outdoor, Pergola, Townhouse, Outdoor Structures

It seems that as more and more healthy-eating spots and juice bars pop up across the world, the interior design and architectural details of those eateries become evermore stylish and eye-catching. After touring the stylishly stark and unique interior of SHOT and the colorful and utilitarian 400 Rabbits, both in London, it's time to head

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