Tram point drawing

Explore unique and creative ideas for tram point drawing. Discover how to create stunning tram point drawings that will amaze and inspire you.
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An exploration of arts with a variety of subjects. Dani Torres has this to say on the social media page. "Lines, dots & sometimes color". I didn't pick anything with color, but the other two describe pretty accurately what is in this post. Human, animals, movies, surrealism, fantasy and symbolism, all make an appearance here. Have a look and enjoy the thoughts they materialise in your mind. A fruit salad of art, for you to enjoy on what I hope is going to turn out to be, a fantasy filled…

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Artist Pablo Jurado Ruiz, born in Málaga, Spain in 1973. His work is characterized by portraits of great expressiveness and highly detailed. With a style close to realism, combined with neo-impressionist and neo-expressionist touches. Pablo tells stories deeply rooted in his soul, metaphors of his own vital experience and his surroundings. His creative concept is mainly based on the human expression furnished with keen and delicate details. Pablo speaks of the deepest feelings in a…

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