Train Station Architecture

Explore stunning train station architecture designs and discover how these iconic structures blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Find inspiration for your next project.
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The Ede-Wageningen Train Station has been the main transportation hub for the cities of Ede and Wageningen. The new striking multimodal station, designed to accommodate the growing number of passengers and provide expanded services and facilities, also serves as the gateway to the Veluwe National Park. The design for the station area draws inspiration from the landscape, the topography and the former monumental Johan Willem Frisokazerne compound. Situated within the slopes of the moraine…

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The Mexico City-based architecture firm AIDIA STUDIO reveals design for Tulum Train Station, planned to be built on the Tren Maya railway line in Mexico. Throughout the design journey, AIDIA STUDIO aimed to infuse the station with some of the best-known features of Mayan Architecture; symmetry, monumentality, geometrical alignment, and the use of limestone are all constant treats in Mayan architecture.

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Let's appreciate brilliant infrastructure for a moment. Throughout history, various examples have proven that bridges, roads, dams, power plants, and other forms of infrastructure can successfully blend beauty with functionality. Combine perfect timing with the right angle, and you'll be treated to some breathtaking imagery as well.

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