Trail mix recipes

Looking for a healthy and tasty snack? Check out these trail mix recipes that are perfect for snacking on the go. Get inspired and create your own customized trail mix today.
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Truth. I’m a snacker. A serious snacker. I would almost always prefer to snack all day than to eat real meals. Especially in the summer. I don’t know. Maybe because it’s so hot. And I’m the one who does the cooking. Who wants to turn on an oven or stove? Not me! Blah. No way, lets […]

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These healthy trail mixes require no cooking, and little to no prep work.At approximately 89 calories per 1/3 cup (based off the first recipe) these healthy snacks will curb your hunger and cravings, without breaking the "calorie budget".Special Note: The serving size is 1/3 cup. We like to portion out 1/3 cup bags for snacking or road trips. Or just leave a 1/3 measuring cup in the storage container or bag.

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