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30+ Philosophical Questions (Abstract, Deep, Unanswerable)

Philosophy questions are fuels our human curiosity. Questions about our origin and life purpose have plagued philosophers for years. Asking them helps to fuel your desire to learn about yourself, humanity, and the universe. Luckily, I'm the expert they come to for knowledge about the deeper topics to use in conversation. I've written many posts that can help you out. I wrote a helpful guide on how to have an enlightened mind that makes you happy and have a few deep personal questions to ask…

Samantha Politis
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40 ‘Totally True Stories’ That 100% Happened In Real Life

Did you know that you can say practically anything you want online? Unfortunately, some people do exactly that. Fortunately for us, they are pretty bad liars, so when we see through their obviously farcical stories, the results can be hilarious and cringeworthy. That’s exactly the type of cringe post that Totally True Story on Instagram collects.

Spanish Butterfly
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84 Revealing Personal Questions – Interesting And Fun Way To Know More

Personal questions are great to get a little more personal and develop a stronger bond with someone. We’ve successfully covered many things about questions before, but this time I’ve compiled questions to ask someone when you want to really know more about them. Bring these up with strangers and you’ll deepen your connection. So, let’s start. Contents Best Starters Get To Know Ask A Girl Ask A Guy To Ask Friends First Date Funny Interesting Would You Rather Weird New Friend Ask Your Crush…

Shelley Stonestreet
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30 days writing challenge for bignners and advanced

Whether30-day or not you are a big fan of writing, You should consider taking this 30-day writing challenge.that's because, with this writing habit, you are going to be able to change your life.And if you wanna make writing your habit Then this is a golden chance to do it. SO here we are going over a 30-day writing challenge, Let's begin.Week 1Day 1: Who you are?easy as it sounds, Tough in actuality.Defining who you are, is not an easy process, You could say, For example, I am Jhon or…

Rochelle Jansen

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