Tiny house bedroom

Maximize your space with these cozy and efficient tiny house bedroom ideas. Transform your small space into a relaxing sanctuary with clever storage solutions and stylish decor.
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Tiny homes that don’t actually look like tiny homes are hard to come by. So, when you come across one available with a competitive price tag, it’s hard not to jump at the chance to check it out. This beautiful 30-foot by 8.5-foot country retreat-style home by tiny house company Handcrafted Movement can’t help but pique your curiosity. Described as a ‘lightly used pre-owned model’ available now for $95,000, Handcrafted Movement purchased the tiny house back from the first owner and set about…

Brenda Dellinger
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OVERVIEWThe Noyer stands out from our semi-permanent models, mainly because of the different roof angle that gives a unique character to this tiny home. This model is designed to fit a single person or a couple for full time living with no compromises. There is one loft bedroom and guests can sleep on a sofa-bed in the living area. The Noyer features an upraised living area, allowing for long drawers underneath it. This creates the feeling of being in a different room without the need of a…

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