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Transform your home with creative tile stencils. Discover top ideas to add a unique touch to your walls, floors, and furniture. Get inspired and start creating your dream space today.
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This was our dining room when we first moved in. It hadn’t been touched since the 90’s. That fireplace just had to go and the woodchip too, it was everywhere! 😬 We knocked out the fireplace to reveal the original opening that housed the range cooker back in the day! I wrote this blog to cover the stencilling part of

Kristy Franklin
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It has been over a year since I painted our tile floor. One question I get all the time is, "How well does a painted tile floor hold up?" Here's the answer!

Jackie T
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MANDALA STENCIL - The Mandala wall stencil for Artists' Drawing & Lettering Aids can be applied to blank canvas bags to make a unique birthday or holiday gifts for your family and friends. These beautiful and interesting Furniture Wall Floor Fabric Decors templates would be helpful for children to create their own fantastic work. It can be used many times and is easily washable. It is durable and reusable. ADD PERSONALITY TO ANY SPACE | You can use our tile stencils to add personality to…

Jill McGehee
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Here's an easy and affordable solution to custom flooring! Decorate your home with Floor Stencils and Floor Paint! While any stencil can be used for painting floors, the stencils in this collection are floor patterns that work particularly well and are customer-approved! Each floor design has been used in a DIY floor p