Tie quilt

Discover creative ways to make a tie quilt that will add warmth and style to your home. Explore top ideas and get inspired to create a one-of-a-kind quilt for yourself or as a thoughtful gift.
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"David's Ties"

Well, the tie quilt is almost finished. (finally) I am stitching the binding, sleeve and label, and then I will be taking this quilt to my brother later this week. So, some thoughts and facts behind this quilt. A year ago (June 27, 2011) my brothers partner, David passed away. David was a pulmonary specialist in the Bay Area, and also an accomplished cello player. The bag full of ties were David's. My brother (Dan, he does have a name after all) asked me to make a quilt out of the ties, and…

Carolyn McNally
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Seven Unique Ways to Tie a Quilt

Tying a quilt is an easy and quick way to finish a quilt. Tying a quilt means using thread or yarn to attach all three layers of a quilt together. This is a great option for beginner quilters as well as more advanced quilters! To add some extra interest, ties and quilting can be used...

Christine Palmer