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Discover how text features can improve your reading comprehension and make information easier to understand. Explore top ideas to effectively use text features in your reading materials.
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Would you like to decorate your classroom with fun, hand-drawn anchor charts/posters? Do you simply not have the time to get them done? Well, you have come to the perfect place! I love making these engaging and appealing anchor charts. I also can draw/create any other topic you would like, just contact me directly and ask! My students absolutely love these posters and references them every day. Many of them are visual learners, so the colorful images really help them connect and remember…

Ellie Ormsby
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As adult readers, we know the importance of using nonfiction text features in order to help us understand the main body of text. Headings help us to make predictions while reading, and then easily find

Patricia Anguiano
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Do your students need help understanding the differences between fiction vs nonfiction texts? These ideas & activities are perfect for making an anchor chart for your classroom as your students are learning to distinguish between fiction and nonfiction.

Vanessa Bean
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As we dive into 2nd quarter my reading instruction is now full of non-fiction. Most of our reading objectives for the quarter deal with non-fiction. While my second graders usually know what non-fiction is and how it is different from fiction, they often don't understand most of the conventions, text features, and how to retell. So we spend a LOT of time in our minilessons learning all we can about non-fiction. I've started out by introducing text features. I had an old poster that had a…

Melissa Joan

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