Terracotta bathroom ideas

Transform your bathroom into a warm and inviting space with these beautiful terracotta ideas. Explore different styles and designs to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.
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Add a touch of luxury to your space with the Makoto Collection - a series of decorative glazed ceramic and porcelain tile. Choose from a variety of types and shapes like 2.5in.x10in. wall tile, 10in.x11.5in. hexagon tile, 0.5in.x8in. miter edge trim, or 2in. round mosaic. Each shape offers a matte finish and is available in Shoji White, Tatami Beige, Kumo Grey, Umi Terracotta, Momoiro Blush, Midori Green, Arashi Blue, and Kuroi Black. The Makoto Collection is made in Spain and Italy.

Danielle Sheedy