Tent stitch

Explore the world of tent stitch embroidery and create beautiful designs with these creative ideas. Enhance your stitching skills and bring your projects to life with these innovative techniques.
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Here we go…. Another how to from me to you. Tent Stitch is the basic needlepoint stitch. It is a single stitch that covers one canvas thread on the diagonal. It’s that basic tiny stitch that you have seen in needlepoint forever. Look at a canvas intersection and cover it with thread the same color […]

Tina Walmsley
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Basketweave Twill is one of my favorite stitches. Here’s the diagram so you can see what it looks like. Why is this such a fascinating stitch to me? Why don’t I just do Basketweave? The beauty of this stitch lies in the light coverage. Whatever is painted behind the stitches will show through. The stitch […]

Kathy Drew