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Bow compasses are one of the foundation instruments of geometric drawing. Which of these, or how many of these, do we need for the type of drawing we will do? Why do I recommend what I recommend? This post will be about these spring bow compasses and we will leave beam compasses, drop compasses, qui

Nick Leaton
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I was reading over the Left4Dead 2 zombie variation techniques when I read about how they used gradient mapping to add crazy amounts of variation to their zombies. In the FX world, we used to use gradient mapping for things like fire and clouds to get some interesting color transitions, but I don't remember ever hearing about people using it for anything other than that, since it's a relatively difficult concept to grasp unless you have someone show it to you. Not only that, but once you…

Steven Weitz
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Drawing studies which start with sketches and end in realism. Korean Artist Anjjaemi aka Design Gogh Art makes another welcome appearance on our site. This artist is quickly becoming one of our favourites. Great work and the prolific production, ensures something new at every visit. Anjjaemi explores an array of different subjects and approaches, for this style of drawing. This means that in time, he is going to build a very interesting library of art. From inception to finish piece. Enjoy…

Hamyle Asim