Teaching government

Make learning about government fun and interactive with these engaging ideas for teaching government to students. Help them understand the importance of civic participation and inspire them to become active citizens.
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I like to keep my students guessing about they'll be doing in class each day. And, one of my favorite twists is to let my students use food as a manipulative. In particular, I like to have my students use gummy bears to create scenes that represent various topics. It may seem a little odd, but my students (even my too cool for just about anything Seniors) love this change of pace. Here are some different ways I've used gummy bears in my classes. 1. Civics - As a introduction to different…

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We have been studying the different types of government that can be found around the world today and throughout history. The most common include, Anarchy, Monarchy, Dictatorship, Oligarchy, Theocracy, Democracy, and Republic. In order to better understand these systems, we first applied hand motions to them (See THIS post to watch these in action), created a flip book with their definitions, and finally, ACTED them out with GUMMY BEARS! I got the idea for this off of a pinterest picture and…