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PIN FOR LATER I've taught a few classes, in a few different situations, and today want to give you some tips for teaching crochet, and other yarn crafts to kids. These are going to depend on the age of the children, class size and how long you have - whether or not it's a one time class or on going. Each of these should be considered to plan a great lesson. Tip #1 Stick to chains. This is a crochet specific tip. If you have a limited time, I'd recommend just learning chains as an…

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Since we're all crocheters, what better gift to give others than to teach crochet? Check out How to Teach a Child to Crochet + 10 Crochet Projects for Kids. Crochet, Crochet Lessons, Sewing For Beginners, Sewing For Kids, Sewing Projects For Beginners, Sewing Projects For Kids, Crochet For Kids, Kids Crochet Pattern, Beginner Crochet Projects

Some of the best memories are made of the simplest things in life. Since we're all crocheters at heart what better gift to give others than to teach crochet? With How to Teach a Child to Crochet + 10 Crochet Projects for Kids, we will discuss tips on starting with kids and crochet. Crochet lessons can start when children are at young ages but it depends on the individual. Learning to teach kids to crochet is rewarding and provides them with a lifelong skill that they can work on improving…

Amanda Brand
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If you're an avid crocheter yourself, your kids have probably at least wondered about what you were doing and what you were making. If your child has begun to show interest in the wonderful world of crochet, then these 9 Tips to Teach Crochet for Kids will help you get them off to a good start. Share with them the love and complexity of crochet by introducing them to simple projects and techniques for beginners to foster their creativity and passion. Crochet is only as hard as one makes it…

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