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There's a new tap dance class for boys (ages 7 to 13) starting at Vinnie's Jump & Jive this Friday at 5:45 pm. The teacher is Lynn Agnew, a veteran dance instructor - I've been taking her Wednesday evening tap class** and she's a terrific teacher. The boys class is perfect for complete beginners or boys who've had a season or two of dance class. There's something about giving boys a space to learn tap that's all their own - and it's an option that's been lacking in Central CT (believe me…

Charlene Adams
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Yep, I am attending Tap Dance lessons and I love it! It's really fascinating. I have always wanted to learn tap dance, I think I am meant to be, or maybe I was a tap dancer in my previous life (lol!) as to say that I love it it's not enough. It's awesome! I can't wait to get good enough to dance like Gene Kelly or Shirley Temple... aye! :D Eh già, sto andando a lezione di Tip Tap e ne sono innamorata! E' davvero affascinante. Ho sempre voluto impararlo... Chissà, forse ero una tap-dancer…

Cindy Connors (Nixon)