Tantric alchemy

Discover the ancient practice of Tantric Alchemy and harness its transformative power to create profound changes in your life. Explore top techniques and rituals to awaken your inner alchemist and unlock your full potential.
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Book Review The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt by Judy Hall 200 Pages The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt by Judy Hall was a very difficult book to review. It was difficult reading as much as it was challenging to review and is not for the average reader. It requires some…

Greta Razmytė
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Tao Tantra Inner Alchemy Series: The Microcosmic Orbit - Splash - Tao Tantra Inner Alchemy is a comprehensive immersion into Taoist and Tantric practices. Awakening sexual energy gives us more vitality and creativity - it is our innate, creative life force energy. Through this common language which creates all forms of Life, we can embody samadhi - experience blissful oneness with Divinity.Benefits include profound healing, increased sensation, immense pleasure, and expanded orgasms.Tao…

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