T-rex art

Explore a collection of captivating T-Rex art ideas that will bring the prehistoric world to life. Find inspiration to decorate your space with these stunning dinosaur artworks.
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Tyrannosaurus Rex, Mr Jack

In 2017 I was lucky enough to create a series of dinosaur illustrations for the London Natural History Museum, working with https://wearefraktal.com/ The classic! The roaring Rexy was the first illustration I finished and set the style for the whole set.

Juliana Martin
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DEMO REEL - modelling / texturing, Antoine Verney-Carron

Here is my first Demo reel as a CG student ! (ESMA Toulouse) Hope you'll like like ! 1 - Dwarf Caiman LookDev 2 - Robotic Arm 3 - Cutler's Workshop 4 - Caricature LookDev (WIP) 5 - T.REX LookDev T.REX Animation Music : The Doors - Riders on the Storm ( NIghtmares on Wax remix)