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Experience the powerful fusion of orchestral arrangements and heavy metal with these epic symphonic metal bands. Get ready to be transported to a world of intense emotions and captivating melodies.
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Hello, welcome to the Female fronted bands confessions, a blog to which you can submit your confessions about rock or metal bands with a female vocalist. I don't think "Female fronted" is a genre. Confessions can be even mildly related to the topic, just please when expressing criticism, be polite. If you don't want to see people expressing criticism, you can block the tag "Confession criticism" and you'll see only people expressing their positive feelings. Your confessions will stay…

Verónica Dávila
Simone Simons by Wikia. Simone Simons (born January 17, 1985) is a Dutch mezzo soprano and the vocalist of symphonic metal band Epica. Red Hair, Lady, Haar, Muziek, Donna, Girls, Girl, Redhead

Simone Simons (born January 16, 1985) is a Dutch mezzosoprano and the vocalist of symphonic metal band Epica. At the age of 15 she listened to the Nightwish album Oceanborn and she got fascinated with the style, so that she started studying classical singing. She joined Epica at the age of 17 and started the recording of The Phantom Agony. She portrayed the character of Marguerite in Kamelot's conceptual album The Black Halo. She appears in their video "The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)"…

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