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Feed your sweet tooth cravings with a collection of mouth-watering quotes. Discover the perfect words to satisfy your love for all things sweet and sugary.
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Cooking did not always come natural for me. I learned to cook from my Grandmother, Mother, and Great-Grandmother, but that didn't mean I loved doing it. Cooking dinner every night came out of necessity to feed our growing family. Simple, right? Well, it isn't so simple for an A-type personality who strives to achieve perfection. I begrudging made dinner every night and it was pretty much the same dinners in a constant rotation. For some reason, I thought that a love for cooking should come…

Danielle Heckenkamp
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Hi! I'm Nancy. This is a blog I made to list some of the many little things we should appreciate. Here are life's simple pleasures that are often overlooked. The everyday ounces of happiness that are...