Sushi stacks recipe

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Tiktok Sushi Bake Cups with Shrimp and Crab - Riverten Kitchen

A new twist on the internet's beloved sushi bake trend – say hello to sushi bake cups! Packed with shrimp and imitation crab, they're wonderfully creamy with just a touch of spice. These cups are perfect for jumpstarting get-togethers or as a simple appetizer for a cozy homemade dinner.

Kim Dierck
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These shrimp sushi stacks have all the fixings you would find in a spicy shrimp sushi roll but in a fun layered stack. The shrimp gets tossed with a spicy mayo mixture called dynamite sauce or spicy sushi sauce. Serve extra sauce with the sushi stacks for dipping. The sushi rice is seasoned with a touch of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt which gives it that signature sushi flavor. If you can't find sushi rice you can use a short-grain rice like arborio, or Calrose. Don't use long grain rice as…