Sushi rice recipes

Elevate your sushi game with these mouthwatering sushi rice recipes. From classic rolls to creative twists, discover the perfect recipe to satisfy your sushi cravings.

While you can definitely make sushi with any number of alternative rices and grains, the easiest and most reliable type of rice for sushi is short-grain white rice. If possible, look for a Japanese variety, or something that is specifically marked as sushi rice. Classic sushi rice is predictible and easy to work with, making it perfect for sushi beginners. It's my go-to rice for parties, classes, and demos. How much rice should you cook? Every cup of uncooked rice should provide enough to…

Brie Smith
A close up view of a serving of sushi bake.

This Sushi Bake - or Sushi Casserole - is ridiculously easy to make, thrifty, and tastes far better than it has any right to! SO good!

Blakeney Vasquez