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We love super heroes. We love cats! Why not combine the two? Lingvistov decided to imagine what it would be like if cats were super heroes. Although knowing cats, it would probably be better to draw cat villains not cat heroes… But cats are versatile creatures: there’s a hint of goodness and also quite a bit of evil in them. And these new Lingvistov illustrations will show you the world with heroes like Batcat, Ironcat or Spidercat!

Chandria Danelle
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Penguins live almost exclusively below the equator. And while some of these flightless seabirds can be found in warmer climates, most—including emperor, adélie, chinstrap, and gentoo penguins—spend their lives in and around Antarctica. A continent separated from the rest of the world by water. Not really a place where cats would choose to go to.

Audrey Fraser