Sublimation printing

Explore the endless possibilities of sublimation printing to create one-of-a-kind personalized products. Discover innovative techniques and design inspirations to bring your ideas to life with vibrant colors and exceptional quality.
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Looking to start a new hobby with sublimation printing at home? Here are 5 things to know before you even get started.

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Learn about sublimation printing at home from how to convert a printer to a sublimation printer and how to print and apply sublimation pictures!

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Say goodbye to faded sublimation prints with these simple steps. Learn how to calibrate your heat press and find the right temperature and time settings for perfect prints every time

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If you’re wondering if you can print heat transfer vinyl on polyester, the answer is yes! But hold on! It’s not as easy as printing heat transfer vinyl (HTV) on cotton. If you have a client requesting activewear with vinyl print then you need to read this post.

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What on earth is sublimation printing?! Find out what it is, what you need, & where to get it at the best price in this sublimation guide ==>

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Sublimation printing is the ultimate king of fabric printing. Whether you’re new to the fabric printing world or you’ve been at it for a while, one thing stands true – you need essential supplies for sublimation printing like an excellent printer.

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