Still standing

Discover incredible stories of resilience and strength. Explore how these individuals overcame obstacles and adversity, proving that they are still standing strong. Be inspired to never give up and keep fighting for your dreams.
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Water portraits!!! Again, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to shoot these - I've admired other photographers' work in the same style for so long. And the water this particular evening was so perfect and warm and had beautiful reflections from the trees...ahhhhh. I might have upped the blue factor here...but it's all part of the process, so no regrets. 500px | Blog | Facebook | Tumblr

Bert Leonard
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When life gives you lemons, we all know what to do. But what if life takes away your lemons and gives you olives instead? Will you sit there and have a breakdown, or will you try and make olive oil out of it? I know the comparison sounds odd, because it is, but bear with me.